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Oct 24

Written by: Audrey Werner
10/24/2011 1:48 PM 

For years Planned Parenthood has been looked upon as the bad guys by those in the Christian Church; the ones who encourage the killing of babies and encourage children to have sex.
It was 10 years ago that I noted that the local Planned Parenthood gal in our little town had put a commentary ( in October of course) entitled, "Families Should Communicate About Sexuality." Knowing the history of sex education, it's intent and harm to children I wrote a rebuttal entitled, "Sex Education is Killing Our Children" and used facts based on Dr. Meg Meeker's book "Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids," facts from the statistics of when sex ed. began and it's affects on children and I shared the ties of sex education to the pornography and abortion industry.
Within a few weeks I received a rebuttal to my rebuttal from none other than the director of the Kinsey Institute, Dr. John Bancroft. I had to then ask the following questions; why rebuttal a mom, why rebuttal a mom in a small newspaper far from the Kinsey Institute, how did Kinseys' people get a hold of my rebuttal and what caused them to feel such a strong need for a rebuttal, hardly anyone knows who the father of sexual revolution is so why bring this more out in the open?
I believe I know the reason why. You see revolutions don't just occur, they take revolutionaries who spend years on a well thought out plan. That plan was documented and recorded in many writings in many venues all over the country. I had spent years uncovering the origins of one of the first ''Christian" "sex education" programs out there entitled "The Learning About Sex" series done in the Lutheran church, but used by denominations all over the world. The origins of the series was directly tied to Planned Parenthood, the Kinsey Institute and the American Humanist Association to my amazement.
The idea from those in the Kinsey, Planned Parenthood and Pornography camp had always been that if we could take our children, the younger the better, to the act and the genitals and begin to take away modesty in something God intended as sacred, you can raise children to become sexual. The Christian church tried to add to this message by stating, "God designed sex and it's good, but only for the context of marriage" and guess what, that message didn't work either. Christian kids are just as sexual as non Christian kids. This is stunning when you note that nowhere in scripture does God talk about the act or the genitals, but uses a tremendous amount of modesty with the indirect approach. Even in Song of Songs (noted to be the book on sex), when Solomon describes his wife, once he gets to her private parts (a term we've used with the kids when they were younger) he skips from the naval to the thighs.
Over 50 years ago to mention the words "sexual intercourse" in a classroom of children (deemed under the age of 21) was considered "molesting a minor with immoral intent." Children were considered innocent, not sexual, and protected from anything that had to do with human sexual parts or the act. We've come a long way baby!
God's Word and the Church were the places where we could receive the message of how to live a chaste and pure life, use modesty, and be the Christ like men and women that God is calling us to be.
I find it fascinating that parents seem to have a hard time being graphic about parts and acts when it is time to talk to their children about sex. Parents have been put down for not doing their job. I once asked Dr. Judith Reisman, the number one authority on Kinsey in the world about that. She stated, "Audrey, once you talk to kids about sex, you eroticise themselves to adults, themselves and each other." In Song of Songs the author talks about not awakening love before it's time and guarding the garden.
We are children of the Sexual Revolution and I realize that we were raised on "sex" education but for the sake of future generations and the state of our nation, it is time for us to wake up to the lies and deceit the enemy has out there and wonder why Planned Parenthood wants you to talk to your kids about "sex."
If you are in the Church, a parent or teacher and want to take a stand to defend "sex" education for children, then do your home work and know who's side you are on.


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